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Genogram rules

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Genogram rules

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It goes beyond a traditional family tree by allowing the user to analyze family, emotional and social relationships within a group. It is used to identify repetitive patterns of behavior and to recognize hereditary tendencies. Here are some of the basic components of genohram genogram. Genogram Symbols In a genogram, males are represented by a square and females by a circle.

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Symbols used in genogram

They may be psychological patterns picked up and spread through the family environment. Most of all, it will help you understand the causes of something happening now.

Then there should be a group of questions that will help you genogra, deeper into the specific details about each family member. There is no ambiguity to have the wife at the left position, as long as each spouse have had only one partner. Let's analyze this sample genogram a bit more deeper.

Finding some unexpected genogrram of information can sometimes make you change your focus. Carl left Kathy and decided to gehogram with Joe rule 3. GenoPro did a meticulous research to determine what symbols and rules are best to create coherent genograms. In the example below, the mother gave birth to fraternal twin brothers, identical twin sisters and triplets, one of whom died at birth.

You focus on the psychological links instead. Some authors do reuse the same symbol for different situations while others have ignored such special cases.

A triangle is used to represent a pregnancy, a miscarriage or an abortion. To simplify your genealogy gwnogram, it is acceptable to swap the husband and wife as long as there is only a single family involved. She had three children with her first husband and divorced. But it includes more specific aspects of the family connections and has a more more technical look.

What if each couple had children?

A step-by-step guide to making a genogram - exploring your mind

GenoPro also has two other gender symbols, the diamond for a pet and the question mark for unknown gender. Let's have the genogram of scenario 1 with a few children. The patterns are the key to understanding it all. This information is useful when it comes to a medical treatment and education. The husband married the second wife, had one child and separated. Genogram Legend At any time you can add a genogram legend by right-clicking on your mouse and genogrm a new legend.

The second scenario is the story of Max.

Genogram symbols - genopro

But you eules use that information in many different ways. Complex Genograms So far, we genogrm ignored rule 4 the children. The legend symbols genogrzm already been marked to be excluded from the report, so they will not appear when you generate a report. The wife married another man, had one child with him and now lives with someone else. From the drawing, it is impossible to know if the pregnancy triangle symbol represents a male or a female, however GenoPro can record the gender of the fetus.

As you can see, it could be possible Max and Carl were together, then Max lived with Joe and finally Max lived with Kathy. As we can observe, Maxime had two children with his first wife before divorcing. What part of their personal history helped them break it? Carl was Kathy's first husband rule 1 and rule 3.

Since the second marriage is after the first marriage, it follows that the half sister is younger than the children from the first marriage. Nothing more to say here.

A genogram helps you quickly visualize the way your family structure looks. Wrong Genogram Layout The following figure represent a wrong genogram layout for Kathy with three husbands. Why do genovram members of the family not fit the pattern? Some focus on obvious aspects while others go deeper into one or many aspects. This first analysis will help you organize the information as clearly and precisely as you can.

Rules to build genograms - genopro

Here you once again establish the links between members. Wrong tules layout for Kathy having three husbands The idea here is to show Kathy had three husbands, however there is a problem with the figure: which husband is first, second and third? Use standardized symbols Nowadays there are templates for making genograms.

A genogram is essentially a picture of the road leading to your own story. It could be about personalityemotional management, etc. Analyze the genogram Analyzing a genogram is a creative and often fascinating thing to do.

A step-by-step guide to making a genogram

This effort in precision will pay off when it comes geongram the next step. What this step is about is getting into contact with possible sources of information. After all, every one of us is just a chapter in a story that started a long time ago.

Making a genogram, step-by-step To rulse a genogram from start to finish, you follow these steps: Determine the purpose for the genogram The first thing to do is determine what the purpose of the genogram will be. You can figure out a lot about a person when you look carefully at a photo.

It should consist of a series of basic questions eliciting demographic data. It goes beyond a traditional family tree by allowing the user to analyze family, emotional and social relationships within a group.

What attitude do they have towards each other? At first, it would appear this layout is ambiguous, however applying rule 2 male-female relationshipwe can observe Joe and Kathy are together. Creating standardized symbols to represent relationships that are close, distant, tense, conflicted should be enough. In other words, you can only get information about a family member through what other people say about them.

In the third stage you describe the details of the family relationships.